Must-Have Indian Ethnic Wear for Winter

Must-Have Indian Ethnic Outfits for the Cold Season

During the cold season, people bundle themselves in last year's winter wear and expect a whole new appearance, just like expecting a fresh Canva from the old palette. Though modern clothes always take the limelight during the cold season, Indian ethnic wear can add a delightful spice to your wardrobe. Here, we have listed a few timeless traditional ethnic clothes that will help you navigate winter with style.


1.Winter Suits:

Nothing can beat the comfort, warmth and grace of winter Indian suits. These suits come in different styles and designs that make girls and women look stunning wearing them. They come with a complimenting lower and a shawl that adds sophistication and style to the overall appearance. Here is Kanthakari, the perfect maroon woolen suit with beautiful woven work, wool bottom and dupatta.


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Most of us think that shawls are mere accessories that help keep us warm during winter. But they are more than that, they can be draped on shoulders or wrapped in a creative way to make a style statement. Made from luxurious materials such as pashmina, they provide the right comfort and warmth during winter. You can pair them with formal or casual attire to refine your winter look.




3. Winter Jacket:

Yes, you are reading it right, ethnic winter jackets. These jackets are designed to blend traditional charm with modern style. Khinkabh is crafted by brilliant weavers of Varanasi who add their skills in each thread. These threads express the stories of craftsmanship and tradition, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for an elegant look.



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4. Sarees:

Just like winter suits for women offer comfort and elegance, sarees, especially those that are made from heavy fabrics such as silk or wool, will add grace to your appearance while keeping you snug. Here is the Firoza Zohreh saree, made from moonga silk. With thick borders and royal Turkish colour, it will add sophistication to your overall look. You can pair this saree with a long jacket that is crafted from velvet or wool.



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Lastly, As the winter season approaches, it's the perfect time to embrace the timeless charm and sophistication of traditional Indian ethnic wear. From richly embroidered sarees to intricately detailed shawls and kurtas, these traditional winter outfits offer a unique blend of comfort and style that are sure to leave you feeling and looking your best. So, why not add a touch of aesthetic and cool to your winter wardrobe with the exquisite beauty of Indian winter attire?

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